Privacy Policy

Who we are

Blockchain Brain AI is a trading platform dedicated to enhancing users' journey in the trading world. Explore more about us on our website.

Comment Verification Process

To ensure the authenticity of comments on our website, we implement a thorough verification process:

Browser Identification and IP Address Check: Before comments become visible, we examine users' browser identification details and IP addresses. This dual-check approach significantly reduces the risk of spam comments infiltrating the website.

Hashed Email Sequence: Each user is assigned a coded sequence derived from their email, known as a hash. This hash plays a crucial role in verifying the legitimacy of the Avatar, confirming that it represents a real person.

Verification of Account Authenticity: After completing the checks and confirming the authenticity of the account, the individual's comment is then allowed to appear on the site. This includes displaying their account name and image, providing transparency and accountability.

By implementing these measures, we strive to maintain a spam-free and trustworthy commenting environment on our website.

Media Guidelines

To prioritize user privacy and security, refrain from adding images that store geographical information to the Blockchain Brain AI website. Embedded photos with such data pose a risk, as other users could potentially download these images and extract sensitive geographical information. By avoiding the inclusion of such images, we enhance the overall security and privacy measures on our platform.

Cookies Policy

When you land on the Blockchain Brain AI Log-in page, the first cookie simply checks if your browser is compatible with ours. No information is taken or stored from your browser, and it automatically deletes itself when you close the browser. We use cookies to make the website look even better, and they hang around in your browser for a year.

Sign-In Convenience Cookies: Cookies that remember your sign-in details stick around for two days. If you choose "keep me signed in," they'll stay in your browser for two whole weeks. Don't worry – signing out will clear these sign-in cookies.

Post-Time Cookies: Whenever you post something, a cookie is stored in your web browser. It's like a little marker for your post, and it contains no personal information. Plus, it gets automatically deleted.

At Blockchain Brain AI, we want to keep you informed and your experience smooth.

Integrating Content Belonging to Other Websites

At Blockchain Brain AI, we sometimes embed content from other websites onto our platform. This could be articles, graphics, images, or other interactive elements. This integrated content behaves just like it does on its original website.

Here's what you need to know about these third-party integrations:

Cookie Usage: When you interact with embedded content on Blockchain Brain AI's website, cookies may be used to gather information. These cookies not only track your interactions with Blockchain Brain AI's website but also with the integrated content itself.

Activation of Tracking Cookies: It's important to note that cookies tracking your interactions and usage of the service will only be activated when you sign in.

Data Visibility and Retention at Blockchain Brain AI

Who Sees Your Data: We only check your IP address when you're changing your password. During this process, the alteration request email will include your IP address for successful password modification.

Data Retention Period: When you leave comments on the Blockchain Brain AI website, both the comment and its relevant metadata will be retained indefinitely. This ensures we can identify and validate your future comments without any delays in a moderation queue.

Additionally, any information you include in your profile, such as images and personal details, will also be stored. Users have the flexibility to modify all account information except for their username, while administrators have the authority to make necessary adjustments.

User Rights and Data Handling

As a trader that uses Blockchain Brain AI, you have certain rights over your data. You can request a document that includes all the information you've provided us, including personal details. Additionally, you have the right to request the deletion of any information we hold about you. For visitors leaving comments, their metadata undergoes processing through an automatic spam identification service. This helps maintain a spam-free environment and ensures a secure and reliable interaction on the platform.